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The Charles Mozley Trust

Several artwork by Charles Mozley is currently held at the British Museum, the Tate Gallery, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Imperial War Museum, Warwick University & Durham University.


The Trust has also part-funded a PhD programme at the University of Reading as a collaborative effort with the Typography & Graphic Communication Department to expand the study of the life & work of Charles Mozley.


The programme is estimated to be completed by March 2022.

In addition, the Trust is currently undergoing extensive work to complete the archiving & cataloguing of all the artwork left to the family estate.

As we complete this first part of our journey as Trustees, we are excited to seek further collaborations to promote & exhibit the works of Charles Mozley. 

Please do reach out if you are interested to know more.


Exhibitions during his lifetime 1932 - 1989


This list is not exhaustive and needs further research.


DATE             PLACE            SOLE/GROUP      GALLERY            


1932            Sheffield                SOLE               Hibbert Brothers Gallery

1941            New York             GROUP             Museum of Modern Art

1945            London                GROUP             ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS EXHIBITION OF NATIONAL WAR PICTURES

1946            London                GROUP             New English Art Club at R.B.A. Gallery

1947            London                GROUP             New English Art Club at R.B.A. Gallery

1948            London                GROUP             AIA Gallery.  Mozley with Lynton Lamb & Edwin LaDell et al.

1948            London                GROUP             The Redfern Gallery


1949            London                GROUP             Paul Alexander Gallery.  Mozley with Edwin LaDell, Lynton Lamb, Robert Colquhoun,                                                                                       Alexander Hogkinson, Laurence Scarfe, John Minton, Robert McBryde, Michael                                                                                                 Rothenstein & John Meade. (Curator/ Peter Floud)


1951            London                GROUP             Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

1953            London                GROUP             The Redfern Gallery

1956            London                GROUP             Royal Academy Summer Exhibition


Throughout 1950’s and early 1960’s at Robert Savage Gallery, South Kensington.

1960            London                  SOLE               Savage Gallery 

1961            London                GROUP             Arts Council The Senefelder Group

1966            London                  SOLE               Pugh & Carr Gallery

1971            London                  SOLE               Peter Matthews Gallery

1972            London                  SOLE               Peter Matthews Gallery

1973            London                  SOLE               Peter Matthews Gallery

1974            London                  SOLE               Burke’s Club Mayfair for Peter Matthews.

1977            London                  SOLE               Mermaid Theatre

1979            London/Venice     SOLE               Somerset House London & Palazzo Prigione Venice

1983            London                  SOLE               Hamilton’s Mayfair

1989            London                  SOLE               King Street Gallery

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